Jan Kriel Wine Auction 2022

What an  inspiration to see charity in action!

Jan Kriel school celebrated several milestones in 2022 including the 85th birthday of the school and the 30th Jan Kriel Wine Auction event.
The JAN KRIEL INSTITUTE originated from the church’s caring involvement with the history of Jan Kriel School (since 1937). The Institute is a church-based organisation registered as a program of Badisa (NPO 011-891 & PBO 930 006 348). It focuses on nurturing and managing the network of support for the Children of Jan Kriel School by raising awareness and funds for children with special educational needs.
Donors and sponsors, through the Institute, play an indispensable role in giving children a chance to develop and succeed. The Institute also manages and develops the assets of Jan Kriel. The funding is allocated according to an Agreement of Cooperation with the governing body of Jan Kriel School.
That is why Aleit Swanepoel and The Aleit Academy got involved in 2014 to assist this amazing cause to assist the Institute in coordinate the wine auction event. In 2022, the Jan Kriel school hall was transformed into a beautiful event venue. More that 100 Wine Farms/ Estates who sponsored wine and 200 guests who generously paid an average of R15 450/lot! The profit made, was an astounding R500 000 after deducting all expenses.
We are super proud of our third-year students who coordinated the event and what a massive success it was!
Thank you to all the service providers who were involved: