Memorial Non-Profit Support

Continuing a Legacy of Caring & Kindness

Jan Kriel Institute

Aleit was so passionate about the impact that the Jan Kriel Institute had on children with special education needs, that he incorporated their Annual Wine Auction event into the curriculum of third year students studying at The Aleit Academy. The result is that every year, third year Academy students have the privilege of coordinating and executing this prestigious fundraising event. The purpose of the fundraiser is to assist the Jan Kriel Institute school and its children to upgrade facilities, get new and improved equipment for learners with disabilities, and contribute to additional support staff required by the school. 

Aleit and The Academy have been involved with the Jan Kriel Wine Auction since 2014.

The Jan Kriel Institute is a church-based organisation registered as a program of Badisa (NPO 011-891 & PBO 930 006 348), and originated in 1973 from the church’s caring involvement with the Jan Kriel School. The Institute focuses on nurturing and managing the network of support for the Children of Jan Kriel School by raising awareness and funds for children with special educational needs.

Learners who experience barriers to development and learning, despite adequate cognitive abilities, may benefit from placement at the school. These barriers may manifest as specific developmental delays or specific learning problems, which may or may not be complicated by ADD or ADHD, visual or auditory sensory impairments, certain medical conditions and physical disabilities. 

Donors and sponsors, through the Institute, play an indispensable role in giving children a chance to develop and succeed.

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JOG Trust | Cool2BeKind

Aleit was a big proponent of standing up against bullying of any kind. As part of continuing his legacy in this area and to honour the kindness with which he moved through the world, The Aleit Group launched a partnership with Cool2BeKind, an anti-bullying initiative by the non-profit the JOG Trust, in October 2022.

Cool2BeKind focuses on ending the myth that bullying is a normal part of childhood development. They provide training and workshops to learners and educators that promote kindness, and which in turn prevents a culture of bullying.

Through a series of specially designed training workshops, educators are given tools on how to combat bullying in schools, how to share and sustain this information with learners in their classes and are shown alternatives to aggression and violence – often the only examples set by the communities they live in.

The Aleit Group will be involved by collaborating and supporting several of their future initiatives.

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Other organisations we support

At The Aleit Academy, they seamlessly weave the essence of charity into the fabric of their first-year students’ curriculum. This means that, every year, the eager first-year scholars are entrusted with the remarkable opportunity to orchestrate and bring to life impactful charity events. We have supported Helpende Hand, Samaritans Feet, and Reach for a Dream in the most recent years.