Jan Kriel Wine Auction 2023

Dreaming in Colour

Jan Kriel school and Institution hosted the Jan Kriel Wine Auction event with a very special theme this year: Dreaming in colour edition.

The “Dreaming in Colour” theme chosen for the Jan Kriel School fundraiser holds profound significance as it symbolises the vibrant spectrum of possibilities that education can offer to students with diverse needs and backgrounds. Just as dreams are rich with hues, this theme underscores the importance of fostering an inclusive and colourful learning environment where every student’s potential can be realised . 🎨✨

Donors and sponsors, through the Institute, play an indispensable role in giving children a chance to develop and succeed. The Institute also manages and develops the assets of Jan Kriel. The funding is allocated according to an Agreement of Cooperation with the governing body of Jan Kriel School.
We are proud to still be able to continue wat Aleit Swanepoel started in 2014. The Aleit Academy 3rd year students once again planned and executed this memorable event.😍

Working alongside:

Lucille Scheepers Photography
Two Chefs Catering
Tablecloth Hiring
Axis Event Solutions
N Concepts and Designs
Something Borrowed
Authentic Planning
Annabelle du Plessis (The Aleit Aademy)
Nicola Bernardo (The Aleit Aademy)