JOG Trust & ORT SA CAPE’s first collaboration with The Aleit Academy

ORT SA CAPE in collaboration with Santa Shoebox Project & The JOG Trust hosted educators from communities in Somerset West for a workshop on “Purposeful Play”.
On the 15th of October 2022 the ORT SA CAPE team was welcomed to The Aleit Academy‘s campus for their educational training. We are excited to announce this first collaboration opportunity where we are working with like-minded organisations to change lives education.
ORT SA CAPE aims at enriching education in impoverished schools and communities within South Africa, focusing on critical educational challenges in Technology, Mathematics and Literacy through uplifting practitioners and educators in programmes designed to inspire, educate and uplift communities.
They focus on nurturing education, as they know what an incredible impact teachers have on the lives of learners.

“Sometimes, it only takes a single teacher to turn a child’s life around. Some children will come to school today because of that teacher, be that teacher.” – Anonymous

The ORT SA CAPE team presented these two short courses for ECD practitioners who work at pre-schools serving disadvantaged communities in Somerset West. Teachers from the Sir Lowry and Helderberg ECD forums were invited to attend and 50 ECD practitioners and principles attended.
Perceptual skills
These skills have been called “the keys to all learning.” These are the cognitive skills that children learn through their five senses and apply them throughout all learning. This short course demonstrated how teachers can use LEGO blocks and everyday resources such as buttons, small toys and fruit to teach these fundamental skills through fun activities.
Each ECD practitioner received a LEGO playbox that can be used to promote learning through play. Teachers participated in several practical activities that covered Perceptual skills as well as emergent literacy and numeracy. The value of rich learning opportunities was demonstrated in the form of multi-layered activities that allow for learning across different domains of children development. This LEGO playbox for each attendant was generously  sponsored by the LEGO foundation.

We definitely look forward to several future collaborations with this like-minded organisation.

Here are some amazing in-action photographs:

Here are more in action photos of their training on our campus on the 29th of October 2022.